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  • Effective Stun Gun Voltage

    What is the Most Effective Stun Gun Voltage?

    The Most Effective Stun Gun Voltage is the amount of voltage that can take an attacker out fast.  Additionally the most effective Stun Gun Voltage ranges from 200,000 volts to 20 Million volts. Highly effective stun guns deliver at least 2 million volts.  Don't skimp on safety!  First ask yourself why are you wondering what the most effective stun gun voltage is?  Usually effective stun gun voltage, in my opinion is between 5 Million Volts to 20 Million Volts.  Do you want the stun gun to be cheap in quality or cost?  As my Grammy used to say, you always get what you pay for!  And, if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right. Stun guns save lives.  If you're looking for cheap stun guns, I would hope that if you're ever attacked you will be protected.  But even the less expensive model stun guns some of the most effective stun gun voltage.

    Electroshock Devices abound online and in retail shops. There are heaps of cheap, poor quality stun guns out there that still say they offer the most effective stun gun voltage, but do they really. Based on what bells and whistles you're looking for, will largely influence how much you shell out.   Traditionally, low voltage equals low price.   These days if you're looking for cheap stun guns,  you can find them.

    Stun Guns come in all shapes and sizes.  They have powerful knuckle duster stun gun knuckles, android look-a-like stun gun flashlights, stun guns that even look like a lipstick.  Sometimes even if you think 1 Million volts is the most effective may be wrong.   The most effective stun gun voltage is greatly dependent on how far apart the stun gun prongs are from each other.

    The best affordable stun devices have the features and benefits you're looking for so if you're looking for the most effective voltage you can find it.  I always look at the voltage.  Is the voltage enough to protect you if you need it?  As long as the voltage is powerful enough to take an assailant out, you're good to go.

  • Knuckle Duster Stun Gun Knuckles

    ZAP Knuckle Duster Stun Gun Knuckles Photograph of ZAP Knuckle Duster Stun Gun Knuckles Extreme Fist of Fire

    Getting smacked by some thug sporting a pair of Knuckle Duster Stun Gun Knuckles is a painful experience.   Even if you're in the best shape of your life, I shiver at the thought of getting hit with a ZAP Knuckle Duster Stun Gun Knuckles.  These Stun Knuckles are 1 Million Volts with spike electrodes.

    The Knuckle Duster Stun Gun Knuckles is for personal protection and home defense.  Their also great for walking or running at night.  Or you can get a couple sets: one Knuckle Duster for each hand.

    But lets hope the thug you take down doesn't have a heart condition.  Stun Guns are non-lethal weapons!  The perfect combo: knee to the groin and 950,000 volt body shot.

    These stun gun knuckles pack 950,000 volts of electroshock power and are great for self-defense.

    The ZAP Blast Stun Knuckle Blaster is patented with a comfy rubber skin and fits any hand.  The Knuckle Duster Stun Gun Knuckles also have a safety kill switch easily accessible.  So snatch that Stun Knuckle Blaster ZAP stun gun and you're in business.  Switch off that safety and blast away.  One hand will do the trick.

    Since you're smart, y'all must know that a blast from the Knuckle Duster Stun Gun Knuckles will only temporarily incapacitate a potential assailant.  These stun knuckles deliver high voltage but have low amps.  When someone gets stunned, they lose all control over their body and their nervous system gets overwhelmed in a big way.  Before they can even blink, the criminal loses balance and is on the ground; they are pretty much paralyzed.  They won't even have the ability to call for mommy and daddy: not so tough now, chump!

    In just a few seconds the perpetrator will be out of commission for at least 10 to 20 minutes.   Because these Knuckle Duster Stun Gun Knuckles are non-lethal, they won't cause any serious or permanent damage. m damage. Another cool thing is that the electric current going through the attacker can't get passed back to you.

    My wife loves these stun knuckles: it's an awesome stun device for women.  Whether they're walking alone in a Walmart parking lot at night or coming home from a dive bar, this electroshock self-defense tool rocks the house!  The Stun Knuckle Duster is truly awesome.  It comes with two free, rechargeable Lithium batteries and free-99 nylon holster (30 dollar value).   My brother-in-law is in the DEA and he told me many of the agents use stun knuckles.  If law enforcement and military organizations use these kick ass ZAP Stun Knuckles, wouldn't you want to? If you're looking for a personal protection product, look no further.  Effective, powerful, rechargeable, quality and military grade, these knuckles are phenomenal.

    Even though stun guns are non-lethal not every state allows stun devices.  It's a bummer I know, but stun guns are illegal in a number of states. Best thing to do is check the laws of your state or you could call the local police agencies prior to purchasing.  So, what are you waiting for?  Buy these Knuckle Duster Stun Gun Knuckles now!  They're the most powerful stun device out there!  Take care and be safe.

  • 2016 Best Price Highest Quality Stun Gun List

    I know everyone is eager to see which stun guns were selected for the 2016 Best Price Highest Quality Stun Gun List.  For the newbies that recently joined, the 2016 Best Price Highest Quality Stun Gun List is just that: a list of the highest rated stun guns in the world.  What does is take for an electroshock device to make it to this year's 2016 Best Price Highest Quality Stun Gun List?  The following four characteristics are essential.

    The first characteristic a stun gun must exhibit is ease of use.  A stun gun's design must be functional and easy to use.  The second characteristic is how compact and concealable is the device.  Stun guns must be accessible in a moments notice: attackers rarely give forewarning of attack.  This is vitally important.  In order to make it to the coveted 2016 Best Price Highest Quality Stun Gun List, compact, concealable and accessible is a necessity.  The third characteristic:  is it rechargeable and have LED Flashlight option.  The fourth and final characteristic of the stun guns that made it to this year's 2016 Best Price Highest Quality Stun Gun List:  does it have a stun gun safety kill switch?  If not, you better get one that does.

    2016 World Ultimate Stun Gun list:

    1. The Runt Stun Gun is a 20,000,000 volt masterpiece.  It has a safety kill switch and 120 lumen LED flashlight that will disorient any attacker.  Additionally, it's rechargeable and plugs directly into the wall outlet.

    2016 Best Price Highest Quality Stun Gun List 1st Place Winner 2016 Best Price Highest Quality Stun Gun List. 20 Million Volt Runt Stun Gun.


    2. The Stun Master 20,000,000 Volt Badass Stun Baton can not only stun, it can also blind and bash.  Made from durable and extremely strong aluminum, the Stun Master 20,000,000 Volt Flashlight Stun Baton is a skull crusher.  If you make contact with someone's head, it's lights out.  Be careful with this one and don't forget: stun guns are Non-Lethal Weapons!

    2nd Place Winner 2016 Best Price Highest Quality Stun Gun List Photograph of 2nd Place Winner 2016 Best Price Highest Quality Stun Gun List. Stun Master 20 Million Volt Flashlight Stun Baton.

    3. The ZAP Extreme Knuckle Blaster is one heavy duty stun device.  This knuckle duster looks medieval.   The Spiked electrodes protruding from this device are enough to rip someones face off.  Not to mention the one million volts being emitted from the spikes.  My buddy bought two: one for each hand.  Talk about intimidating.  The ZAP Blast Extreme Knuckle Duster will demolish assailants.

    2016 Best Price Highest Quality Stun Gun List Photograph of 3rd Place Winner 2016 Best Price Highest Quality Stun Gun List. Zap Knuckle Blaster.

    4. The Taser Pulse is technically not a stun gun.  But, the Pulse is a top rated taser and very affordable so it's worth mentioning on the 2016 World Stun Gun list.  The Pulse is a fantastic option for folks who want to keep distance between themselves and attacker.  This top rated Taser can shoot 15 ft giving someone plenty of wiggle room.

    These top 4 stun devices are superb home defense options.  Of all the self-defense products in the world, stun guns are a powerful, personal protection, non-lethal self defense weapon.  The average reliability rate of a world class stun gun is around 85%.

    To all our club members, Mahalo!  Thanks for another great year of non-lethal self-defense discussions.  Every year, our numbers grow.  Every year people are taking responsibility for their safety.  No one can protect your family like you can.  Home defense is our priority: please make it yours.

    4th Place Winner 2016 Best Price Highest Quality Stun Gun List Photograph of Pulse Taser Gun 4th Place Winner 2016 Best Price Highest Quality Stun Gun List.
  • Telescopic Flashlight Stun Gun Baton

    Telescopic Flashlight Stun Gun Baton

    Telescopic Flashlight Stun Gun Batons are simple, effective, non-lethal self defense weapons for home defense and personal protection.  We need to protect ourselves and loved ones.  Learn stun gun fundamentals and save a life.

    Question:  I heard test firing a  Telescopic Flashlight Stun Gun Baton will damage it?

    Answer: Don't believe the hype.  You need to test fire your stun gun to make sure the battery is fully functioning.  If you test fire you Telescopic Flashlight Stun Gun Baton,  make sure it only 3 or 4 seconds.  Telescopic Flashlight Stun Gun Batons are extremely effective for personal defense.  Stun guns save lives and keep people safe.  It's important to remember that you can fire a stun gun longer than 4 or 5 seconds if using it against an attacker.  If you're using a high quality stun gun like a Runt stun gun, Stun Master Badass or a high powered Telescopic Flashlight Stun Gun Baton the battery life is about  1 or 2 months.  In my opinion high quality stun guns have high powered LED Flashlight.

    Question:  Are telescopic flashlight stun gun batons legal to own?

    Answer:  In most states it's legal to own a stun gun.  But  just like cigarettes, lottery tickets and getting thrown in jail, you must be 18 years of age.    But unfortunately, the more liberal the state, the more likely stun guns are illegal.

    Question:  Can I export stun guns to different countries?

    Answer:  Exporting stun guns to different countries is illegal.  The following countries ban stun guns:  Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom all outlaw stun guns.

    Question:  Is it better to carry non-lethal weapons or lethal weapons?  

    Answer:  What are your goals?  Do you want to kill someone or, do you want to incapacitate?  Remember there are two different types of weapons:  lethal and non-lethal weapons.  

    Question:  Is it legal for people to carry lethal weapons? 

    Answer:  Every state is different.  Laws and regulations for guns, pepper sprays, tasers or stun guns can vary. 

    In conclusion, whether you feel non-lethal or lethal weapons are best, remember that once you take a life, there is no going back:  it's permanent.  Can you live with that?  Only you can decide.

  • Taser Bolt Delivers Incapacitating Volts

    Taser Bolt Delivers Incapacitating Volts

    I'm here to enlighten you on the awesomeness of the Taser Bolt. Among the Taser family, the bolt is one of the most portable, affordable and user friendly among all the tasers available. The Taser Bolt is used as a compact family defense weapon among Marines, Army, Air Force and even Special Forces.  Humans across the globe us the Taser Bolt for home defense and family protection Truly the Taser Bolt Delivers Incapacitating Volts to any attacker trying to harm you or your family.  The Taser Bolt is totally portable, somewhat affordable, and perfectly safe to use for individuals of all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes.

    There are two classes of self defense weapons: lethal and non-lethal. Every state is different regarding laws and regulations on using and toting both lethal and non-lethal self defense weapons.   Non-lethal self defense gear is for folks who'd rather not kill someone.  They say, "Shock or pepper spray is okay, but ain't gonna kill someone for stealing my hubcaps!"  No killing necessary.   

    Tazers for Mommies and Daddies

    Many people like little kiddos, mommies, daddies and older folks choose pepper spray or stun guns.   A very smart choice indeed.  Not only can the use of lethal weapons get you in a world of legal issues, but that stupid attacker may turn that .45 on you.   This is where the Taser Bolt comes in.  Mace and pepper spray are essentially tear gas.  And, if there is a strong wind blowing your direction you could be the one getting sprayed.

    Stun guns

    Stun guns are great for home defense and family protection but you need to get up close and personal to shock someone.  A tazer on the other hand shoots electric barbs, can go thru a person's shirt or pants and send a shock wave he'll never forget.  It even covers distances of up to 15 feet.  Additionally you'll give yourself distance between yourself and your attacker.

  • Badass Stun Baton Flashlight - Shine, Shock, Smash

    Stun Master Badass - the Ultimate Stun Baton Flashlight

    The Stun Master Badass 20 Million Volt Metal Stun Baton Flashlight offers three option.  You can Shine, Shock or Smash any would-be attacker.  This Badass device delivers 20 Million Volts of Shock Power.  The LED Flashlight is mega bright at 120 Lumenis.  And, made from the highest quality aircraft aluminum.  Smash some with this he ain't waking up for a while.

    Any would-be attacker foolhardy enough to accost you or your family is in for a rude awakening.  Many can attest to the power of this Bad Ass electroshock device.  I've seen grown men fall to their knees screaming, calling for their mommies and daddies. The Badass Flashlight Stun Baton is the pinnacle of metal stun baton flashlights. Stun Master has created a true beast of electroshock fury.  When you buy a Stun Master Badass, your confidence will sore.  You will know that home defense and family protection is a shine, shock or smash away from safety.  This Badass stun gun is a work of art of booming proportions.

    Seriously, if you pull out the Stun Master Badass 20 Million Volt Stun Baton Flashlight Combo on an attacker, that chump will be heading to the hills in a hurry.  Trust me, this baby packs a 20 million volt punch leaving any attacker out for the count.

    Stun Baton Flashlights are gaining in popularity as a stun gun of choice.   This stun baton is rechargeable with a blindingly bright LED flashlight.  Whether you want to blind, bash or shock an attacker, this stun baton will always work.

    The Badass looks like a normal flashlight. Upon closer inspection, it's far from normal.  This Bad Ass flashlight stun gun baton has many useful options for home defense and family protection.  Stun Batons are able to deliver a shock, allowing a person or family to incapacitate the attacker and flee to safety.   Stun Master has designed the ultimate electroshock device.  From end-to-end the metal stun baton flashlight encompasses everything a stun gun baton flashlight should have.  The circumference, the angular shape and slender grip make this stun device easy to use.  It also comes with a lifetime warranty.  It's rechargeable.  It's convenient and simple to store in your car or truck.  It even has a free holster for your belt when you're cursing around the neighborhood.  College students love the Stun Master Badass.  Why?  Because it's BAD ASS!

  • Home Defense Best Choice - Stun Gun or Taser

    Home Defense Best Choice - Stun Gun or Taser Gun

    When considering home defense, non lethal weapons, what is the better choice:  Stun Guns or Taser Guns?  The Stun Gun vs. Taser Gun debate has been around since both weapons been on the market.  What is the better choice?  Too often consumers ask this burning question when looking for the right home defense weapon.  Home defense is on everyone's mind with the troubled times in our society and protecting the family is the number one priority.

    Stun Guns or Tasers for home defense is great question and a question many people have preconceived notions about.  Stun Guns for home defense are awesome.  Tasers for home defense are awesome.  Both Stun Guns and Taser Guns are highly effective home defense options.  That being said, stun guns and taser guns differ greatly as self defense weapons. Taser Guns and Stun Guns each have strong points and weaker points.  Throughout this blog post I'll attempt to convey the facts about both Tasers and Stun Guns for home defense.

    Stun guns will be the first topic of discussion. Since the vast majority of folks know little about a stun guns functionality and mechanism of action this article will serve to shed light on the differences between Taser Guns and Stun Guns as well as dispell any urban legends associated with this powerful electroshock device.

    Stun Gun Truths Unveiled

    Stun guns emit high voltage electrical current.  In the case of attack, touching the stun guns probes to the assailant's body will quickly put the attacker squarely on their back side.  Serious damage will not occur but the attacker may lie writhing in pain screaming for his or her mommy.  Luckily stun guns emit low amperage; high amperage will cause serious harm and death.  Low amperage, high voltage will incapacitate but no harm or death occurs.

    Stun Guns are the bomb when talking about non-lethal,  close range weapon options.  One 5 second shock will put down anyone big or small.  Few options of weapons can compete.  Another benefit is you don't have to fret about the voltage or current being reverted back to you.   Bottom line, ain't nothing to fear if you're the one delivering the shock. Current is one way so go ahead and shock when ready!

    Some of the negative attributes of stun guns are they are intimate. You'll be up close and personal to the assailant.  If somehow the person over powers you, it could be bye, bye.  On the flip side, stun guns are quick and easy to use. All my family members keep a stun gun ready in their vehicle.

    What the heck is a Taser Gun?

    Think of Taser guns as a gun.  Looks like a gun and shoots like a gun. Taser guns have triggers and all the same bells and whistles of normal guns.  Except when you fire a Taser gun, two electrified projectiles zoom through the air and actually go into the person.   Taser probes can go up to 155 feet a second and across distances of 20 feet.

    The final result of being shot with a Taser gun will be total loss of musculature control.  When you pull the trigger of the Taser gun, voltage transmits into their body and they'll be on the ground shaking like a leaf.

    Taser Guns vs Stun Guns in price comparison:  no contest Taser Guns are expensive!

  • Pulse Taser Gun vs. Runt Stun Gun

    Pulse Taser Gun vs. Runt Stun Gun

    Pulse Taser Gun vs. Runt Stun Gun for home defense. When it comes to electroshock weapons, which device is best for family protection and personal security? are important.  You want to pull the trigger if need be . But between Pulse Taser Gun vs. Runt Stun Gun which one is the ultimate electroshock devices?

    The answer to the Pulse Taser Gun vs. Runt Stun Gun argument is simple: both rock the house!  But before you swipe that shiny new AMEX or Visa, there are a few things you'll want know when thinking about the Pulse Taser Gun vs. Runt Stun Gun argument.  I'll break down the differences between the Pulse Taser Gun and Runt Stun Guns so buying one of the two is a bit easier to grasp. And the first question is  what's the difference between the Pulse Taser Gun vs. Runt Stun Gun?

    The Runt Stun Gun

    The Runt Stun Gun is a  powerful electroshock, handheld rechargeable stun gun.  The Runt comes in many colors.  It's rechargeable, has a safety kill switch and costs around $20 or $30 bucks.  The Runt Stun Gun doesn't shoot electroshock probes. In movies, you'll see probes fly out of the gun.  The Runt Stun Gun has two prongs that emit voltage (20,000,000 Volts ain't no joke!) The electrical arc passes between the two prongs.  With the Runt Stun Gun you must physically touch attacker or assailant with these prongs.

    Generally Stun guns emit anywhere from 1,000,000 to 50,000,000 volts.  I actually (by mistake) stunned myself with the Runt Stun Gun and it felt like a grizzly bear had taken my arm in a vice grip.  Shocking yourself, especially with a stun gun as powerful as the Runt Stun Gun is something you don't soon forget.   My neurological senses were overpowered and my Mr. Olympia muscles were burning with pain.


    Pulse Taser Gun

    The Pulse Taser Gun is somewhat small compared to other Taser Guns and shaped like a pistol.  The Pulse is discreet to carry in your purse or pocket.  The Pulse also has a safety and pretty cool iron sight.  The Pulse has LASER for  targeting and powerful LED.  The range the probes can shoot up to is about 15 feet and can  immobilize any fool who dares attack you.  The Pulse also has a lifetime warranty.  But the Pulse Taser is around $400 bucks compared to $20 or $30 bucks.

    Pulse Taser Gun vs. Runt Stun Gun is hard to differentiate.  But, either way you look at it,  Taser Gun vs. Stun Gun  they both kick some serious booty!  So swipe the Visa and buy now.  You won't regret it!

  • Ultimate Home Protection Stun Gun

    Ultimate Home Protection Stun Gun

    For years, I've been asked the question which stun gun is the ultimate home protection stun gun?  Well first you have to ask yourself are stun guns even safe for home protection ? Two ways that this question has been answered: yes and no.

    Law enforcement's take on stun gun is they offer safer alternatives for home protection.   Over half of all home owners use traditional firearms for home defense.  Unfortunately, altercations can occur and the assailant uses the homeowners weapon upon the family.  Because of the lethal nature of firearms, stun guns are being considered more frequently for home protection.   Because of this, police have said that stun guns are great.

    Home Defense

    I believe the ultimate home protection stun gun is any stun gun that is reliable and does what it's supposed to do.  Stun guns for home protection are the number one choice for many North Americans. Stun guns offer less aggressive methods for home protection. Stun guns hurt and it will feel like a Mac truck just hit you, but you will recover.  IF shot with a .45 caliber firearm, likely not getting back up.  But if shocked with a stun gun while protecting your home, recovery is fast.

    Stun Gun owners with Medical Conditions

    But if you were to ask me, "is a stun gun dangerous" to a person with certain medical conditions, than most definitely.  And honestly, some people just can't take a 20,000,000 volt shock of electricity.  My daughter just yesterday asked, why is a stun gun dangerous?  Then i asked to touch the blue electric charge passing between the two conductors.  A person doesn't even need to touch the electricity directly to feel whether a stun gun is dangerous. So, that's why when people ask, "is a stun gun dangerous?" I always say, YES and NO.

    A good example, my sweet, 90 year old Grammy likely has a low tolerance to 20,000,000 volts!  Also people with heart issues are most definitely taking a big risk trying to stun themselves so they can upload a video to YouTube!! No, kidding I've seen everything you can imagine.  And if you have any hardware, like my Uncle Jeff, who eats 5 In 'n Out cheeseburgers a day even though he's had heart attacks and a pacemaker, getting shocked probably ain't a good idea.

    Are Stun Guns Dangerous?

    While we were unloading stun guns and other non-lethal personal defense gear, my wife accidentally shocked herself in the elbow with a 20,000,000 volt Runt stun gun.  Shauna said it felt like being punched by Mike Tyson.  For a few days, Shauna's arm hurt.  Imagine if that stun gun had been a shotgun or hand gun.  So when people ask me if stun guns are dangerous, I say yes but not as dangerous as a real gun.

    Home Protection Ultimate Stun Gun Choice

    I personally think the Ultimate home protection stun gun is the Covert Stun Master Stun Flashlight 15,000,000.  Protection Stun Gun .   My wife tells me her favorite stun gun flashlight is easily the Covert Stun Master 15,000,000 Stun Gun Flashlight.  We decided long ago that non-lethal defense trumps lethal defense.  And the Covert Stun Master 15,000,000 is my number one choice for home defense.

    Video of stun gun safety and how to use:

  • Best Flashlight Stun Gun

    Greetings fellow Stun Gun enthusiasts!  Many thanks to all those who joined the "Stun over Gun" focus group we had in April. We discussed what is the best flashlight stun gun in the world among many other cool topics.

    This article is a Q&A session recap from what we talked about during the retreat.   I'll also dig in to how they work and what is the best flashlight stun gun of choice among stun gun enthusiasts.

    Question: What is the Best Flashlight Stun Gun?

    Answer:  I think the Gold 18 Million Volt Stun Gun Zoomable Flashlight.  This is the best flashlight stun gun in my opinion.  Why is the Gold 18 Million Volt Stun Gun Zoomable Flashlight the best flashlight stun gun?  Well, you have a little of everything:  Flash, Bash and slash with this powerful Flashlight Stun Gun Baton

    Question: How does a flashlight stun gun hurt someone?

    Answer: The best flashlight stun gun is an Electroshock Device.   Stun guns use a wickedly high amount of voltage: simply touch a  person with the electrified prongs of the flashlight stun gun. 
    BOOM!  Stun guns hit the nervous system.  Stun Guns send powerful shock to musculature system at various frequencies.  Because the frequency (or pulse) of the stun gun differ from the pulse waves coming from the brain housing group when those two pulse waves crash into each other, creates the disorienting BOOM which puts the chump on their ASS.   

    "How many seconds will it take me to put an attacker on their ass once I start shocking the fool?" 

    Just a few seconds to freedom!  Using the stun gun for 2 or more seconds will create mega-pain and muscle spasms. Also the attacker will resemble one of the characters from the movie "Dazed and Confused."  After 3 seconds from stun gun, the attacker will resemble Michael Spinks and Tyson knocked him out.  

    Best practice of stun gun use:  hold the stun gun to the assailant for as long as that fool has his eyes open.  

     "Do flashlight stun guns need batteries?"  

    Some do and some don't.  If you asked me what is the best flashlight stun gun in the world I'd say the Stun Master Badass Stun Gun. But remember that good stun guns are rechargeable and do not use batteries.  If the stun gun does, need a battery it will usually be a 9-volt.  If I was recommending a battery it'd be the one that the "bunny" uses.   

    "I've been told that test-firing a stun gun will damage it? 

    Don't believe the hype.  You need to test fire the stun gun to check battery power. But, if you do test fire, just make sure it's not for more than 3 or 4 seconds.  On the flip side, you can fire the stun gun as long as you like when it's making contact with an attacker.  If you're using a high quality stun gun like a Runt stun gun, Stun Master or Zap stun gun, usually the battery will last 1 or 2 months.  Most quality stun guns also will have a high power LED Flashlight.  

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